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Instructor FAQ

Below are common questions and answers for Instructors adminstering US Online Testing exams.

Will someone from US Online Testing be available to help me administer the test?
  1. US Online testing offers technical support during every test. Though we've taken great strides in ensuring a smooth experience for students and instructors alike, we understand that things do go wrong. An experienced technical support person will help you in these events.
Does US Online Testing offer tools to help me manage students during the test.
Yes. You have several tools available to you to help.
  1. For timed tests you'll be able to add (or decrease) time.
  2. In the event our anti-fraudulence system automatically concludes a students test you will have a quick means to determine if their behavior was accidental and if so, re-activate the test.
  3. Conversely, if you feel that a student is not behaving with integrity you have resources available to you to substantiate your conclusion and cancel the students test at any time.
Does US Online Testing provide reports for each test taker?
  1. Yes. You'll have access to a real-time reporting detailing each student's test taking activity.
What happens if a student is having technical difficulty?
  1. Technical difficulties do happen. More often than not it is the result of a student's misunderstanding or issues with their computer or browser of choice. In any event there is a brief FAQ addressing potential issues that will help ascertain the nature of the problem and help troubleshoot it. Click here to learn more.
As always, a USOT technical support person will be available to assist.