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Test Issues Help

Below are issues and potential solutions to common problems some students have encountered while taking or accessing a test.

Student can't login.
  1. Ensure the student is actually at
  2. Confirm that the student received and clicked the confirmation link email sent to them when they created an account at USONLINETESTING.COM.
  3. Confirm that the student is logging-in with the same email address that they used to create the verified account.
  4. If the student forgot their password, they can reset it using the password recovery tool.
Student keeps getting kicked out the test
This can happen for a variety of reasons, but always because the student was doing something that had the appearence of being fraudulent. If an instructor or admin feels that the student made a legitimate mistake, you have the means to reactivate the student's test. In addtion to reactivating the test please instruct the student to refrain from whatever activity they were engaged in to cause them to get kicked out. This information is availble to Admins and Instructors in the Test management page.
While taking the test, the student receives the error "Something went wrong".
This could happen for a few different reasons. It is most likely because of their browser, but could be because they have a new Windows computer and it is in S mode. First, confirm that the student's machine is in S mode. If so, they will have to get it out of S mode. There are a number of resources online that can help. Click here for help on getting out of S mode.

Otherwise please try the following steps to mitigate the issue.
  1. Clear the browser cache. Browsers often have their own unique means for clearing the cache, but students on modern versions of Edge, Chrome and Firefox can simply press CTRL-SHIFT-R to simultaneously clear the browser cache and reload the page. If this fails to solve the problem, try the next step.
  2. Clear all cookies related to This can especially be a problem with Microsoft Edge. The following instructions will work for most modern browsers.
    1. Open your browser and press CTRL-SHIFT-DEL.
    2. Under Clear browsing data, select Choose what to clear.
    3. Under Time range, choose a time range.
    4. Select Cookies and other site data, and then select Clear now.
  3. If the above fails, suggest the student try a different browser.
Student is unable to retrieve a test and the error message is "Code is already used".
  1. Ensure the student hasn't already used the code. This can be done from the Class page where your codes are listed. You can tell if a code was already used and if so, by whom.
Student is unable to retrieve a test and the error message is "No test with that code was found".
  1. Ensure the student is entering the correct code. Instruct them to copy and paste it rather than trying to enter by hand.
Student is unable to retrieve a test and the error message is "Code is expired".
  1. Ensure that you have given the student a code that has not expired.