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Student FAQ

Below are common questions and answers for students taking US ONLINE TESTING exams.

Can I take my test on my mobile device (phone or tablet)?
  1. This is up to your school, but generally speaking most schools will not allow test taking on a mobile device.
What kind of computer do I need?
  1. Any modern desktop or laptop will be fine
  2. Your computer should have either a builtin or external webcam and mic.
  3. You must have a good internet connection.
  4. For your browser, you should use either Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Consider having at least two different browsers installed.
Will my test be Multiple Choice?
  1. Currently USOT offers both Multiple Choice tests as well as Short Answers. The format of your test may be either or a blend of both.
Is the use of my Keyboard allowed?
  1. For Multiple Choice tests you are expected to primarily use your Mouse only! Only a few keys on your keyboard are allowed to be pressed.
  2. For Short Answer tests the use of the Keyboard is allowed, but certain unneccesary keys are not.
Should I use a particular browser to take my test?
  1. You may take your test using any recent version of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Though it is unlikely that there will be problems with any of the above, it is a good idea to have at least two types of browsers installed in case one is not performing as expected.
Is there a time limit?
  1. This is up to your instructor, but it would be rare that there wasn't some sort of time limit. Your instructor will share these details and more prior to giving the test.
For timed tests is a clock available telling me how much time I have left?
  1. Yes. Additionally, the clock will turn red when you have less than 10% of your time left.
Can I skip questions?
  1. For now, yes.
What happens if I reload my test?
  1. In the event you need to reload the page, and your Proctor / Instructor has approved, your questions may be shuffled into a different order. However, all your previous answers will be preserved.
What happens if something goes wrong?
  1. All tests or exams are administered by live proctors. Additionally, a tech support person is also available to help you troubleshoot issues and ensure your test taking experience is as smooth as possible.
I have worked hard to learn the material. How do I know other students won't cheat?
  1. US Online Testing has a comprehensive system for deterring cheating and ensuring your hard work is rewarded fairly.
How long will it take to get my grade?
  1. This is up to your instructor.