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Now Accepting ALL New York Schools



U.S. Online Testing is designed to validate and assess student learning online, easily and affordably while ensuring test integrity.

  • We make online testing easy to take and easy to manage. Students find our testing solution easy to access and use. Proctors and instructors can create tests and manage students easily.
  • Real-Time feedback keeps you in the know. U.S. Online Testing gives Proctors / Instructors the monitoring tools to help you know exactly how your students are doing at all times.
  • Automated Scoring. All multiple choice tests are automatically scored to save you time.
  • Sophisticated but non-invasive anti-fraudulence. Over 15 points of security protect the testing environment and help ensure good student's efforts are protected and fairly rewarded.
  • Detailed event logging. Reporting regarding your student's systems and test activities are updated in real time in order to ease and improve test administration.
  • Capable of multiple test types. Choose Short Answer, Multiple Choice or a combination of both.
  • FDNY approved. Though U.S. Online Testing is ready for all kinds of testing and certifications, we got our start working with the Fire Department of New York. We are proud to be approved to give the NY State Division of Licensing for 8 hr Initial Security Guard Training test and many others.
  • The best customer support in the business. We are there for you when you need us. Guaranteed.

U.S. Online Testing is an excellent testing system. The FDNY approved how they handle security and enabled NYFSI to continue teaching and testing online so we can keep our staff & students safe.

Jim Bullock
FDNY Deputy Chief retd.
New York Fire Safety Institute

Preparedness Center

Getting ready to take a test? Students, first and foremost, know the material. Next, use the links below to help ensure your online test experience is smooth.

Better FDNY Prep with Multiple Choice Tests

Are you a NY Fire or Security School? Our FDNY approved Multiple Choice tests are superior to short answer tests. Here's why:

  1. Students for whom English is a 2nd language are more likely to pass Multiple Choice Tests.
  2. Multiple Choice tests are automatically scored - saving everyone time and money.
  3. Multiple Choice tests prepare students better because the FDNY test is also Multiple Choice.

May 21, 2020. U.S. ONLINE TESTING is the best way for instructors to offer proctored, virtual tests to students online. We meet and exceed the Fire Department of New York's stringent requirements for online test taking. These requirements are designed to protect the test taking process, prevent fraudulent behavior and ensure students and instructors are rewarded for their hard work.

Students and Instructors can now safely and securely take tests from home.

May 01, 2020. U.S. ONLINE TESTING now accepting all approved FDNY Schools. Our service exceeds the Fire Department of New York City's requirements for virtual multiple-choice testing online and the New York State 8 hour Security Officer training and associated exam.

U.S. Online Testing is now available to your company to easily administer your own FDNY exam or other exams needing a secure virtual online platform.

Please contact U.S. for an online demonstration to show exactly how it works.

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